We make excellent teeshirts. You’ll notice they’re great but kind of expensive. Right. About that:

Appreciation: Our gig is that we make already expensive teeshirts with distinctive designs that get even more expensive every month.  Ridiculous, right? Well not quite, because look at it this way: you buy an Upscale tee for $85 dollars. But then we here at Upscale increase the price by an average of $10 a month. Well, then one year from now, when your friends google your awesome teeshirt, they will observe that you own an $85 + ($10 x 12  months) = $205 shirt. Hey wow—just by having bought one now, instead of next year, you get a much more expensive shirt than you bargained for. In fact,  the additional “returns” to your shirt would be about 140%—in addition to the value you get out of wearing it (which, in our opinion, is much higher).

Does that make your shirt better? Of course it does. And it’s a nice bonus to an already great design.

Now, we’re designers and humble haberdashers, not CFA, CFP, CPA, MFE, MFA, or even MBAs, so we are not going to advise you to run out an buy 1,000 Upscales to stockpile, hoping for a return 12x better than the stock market (you can see that that would be something absurd, according to our example, like getting a free—and risk-free—$120,000 over the course of a year after costs, or even more because of bulk-order discounts). We’re just telling you that you’re better off buying the designs now, while they’re (relatively) cheap and (incredibly) awesome.

That’s how Upscale appreciates excellent teeshirts. You pay a premium only because the future price appreciation is already embedded in the current price via upscale appreciation—all you have to do is buy and wait to appreciate it yourself.

Too much?  That’s fine.  We have some designs that never appreciate—so you can get similar style, without buying appreciation, too. Check out the Lowball page if you don’t want to appreciate.

Need more?

Still don’t see what Appreciation contributes to Upscale? Try browsing our Help page for answers to frequently asked questions.

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