Terms of Service


Upscaletees, Inc., owns all rights to material posted on the site except where noted, and except for comments posted by readers. Your local copyright law applies.

Orders for tees are managed and executed by a third party, Spreadshirt, Inc. Please consult their Terms of Service for additional information, as necessary.

All terms and conditions on this website are subject to change and revision.

Further note on Appreciation

This is our gig, and we have every intention of carrying it out faithfully no matter what. But if something unexpected happens, our lawyers tell us to say we still ultimately reserve the right to modify the appreciation, it’s rate, change the mix of appreciating products, etc.

(However, you can see even that this warning that we reserve the right to change the policy is also already embedded in the price—as a slight discount. If we committed to permanently binding our hands, the appreciation premium would probably be even higher.)

So Relax. Enjoy your shirts.

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