Our Designs

We like puns, clever things, and great visual composition: color, shape, line. Put it together. Take it apart.

Our major design principles are that everything Upscale has to be:
1) Brilliant. It needs to make you think, feel, hear, see, live differently, it needs to speak to something you would value wearing as a blazing banner across your chest, it needs to play with your head, it needs to mess with your mind, it needs to enliven, to at once befuddle, bemuse, and beautify; to adorn, to adore, to enrapture. It needs to be clever, so clever, that your brain, doing its best back-flip, spinning in several cerebral circles, can only begin to comprehend that superficial simplicity coupled with the deep and unmoored, gaping complexity inherent in Every. Single. Pixel.

2) It needs to look completely awesome.

Other Concerns

Still confused? Need to know more about us? Check out our FAQs on the help page.

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