Upscale facebooks, redesigns, etc.

So, some news:

First, there have been enough whispers that it’s necessary for us to get a facebook page. Please join Upscaletees there—we’ll post a link when it’s up. We “like” that.

Second, we’re redoing the designs a little. Feedback tells us that although people like that plucky sturgeon, he’s too big on the shoulder, and there will be some changes to the lowball lineup, too. So, we’re going to shrink him down on all future shirts, and redesign the designs we’ve already released. On the one hand, this means your Upscale is going to look different from all future Upscales—people will be confused: ‘what kind of Upscale is that?’ they will ask. On the other hand, you basically got in on the ground floor like a cool kid. You have the collector’s upscale. (The Upscalest Upscale?)

So, do whatever you want with that news. If you’re thinking of buying 100 Upscales, you might want to wait. Unless you really, really want the big shoulder collector’s style. (Then you should buy 200.)

Third, the promotion, that you can still get tees for the starting price of $85 has been extended. It’ll end once the redesign is over, and prices will resume appreciating as usual, at the fully appreciated rate.

Also, new designs are coming soon, fourth.

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