The Lowdown on Upscale Prices

You may have heard a grumbling, mumbling, rumbling around the internets that price changes were afoot at Upscale. This is true—grumble no more, friends. Here’s a summary of changes:

  • Upscale is still ridiculously expensive, and will continue to get more ridiculous, more expensive, and more all around awesome as time goes by.
  • Lowball prices have moved lower. Previously, a lowball tee would set you back $45 bones. Now, they’ll be in the $20s range.
  • Most Upscale designs will also have a Lowball twin, featuring the same design but with the brand “Upscale” added prominently to the front.

Whoa, wait, why? Turns out, after much research, this is better for everyone:

  • For Upscale People: This makes the continuously appreciating Upscale brand now even more Upscale. The bonus is that now, with more people walking around wearing Lowball shirts, more people will be looking us up, and will know exactly how much you paid for that shirt. Your investment gets more notice, which makes it an even better display. Great.
  • For Lowball People: People who don’t want to pay for appreciation but still like our style, fine, you can afford our shirts now—but you pay the difference between the $85 and the $30 by advertizing for the Upscale folk in group 1. That seems like a fair trade to us—especially if you’re attractive and cool. Oh, and of course, if you don’t want to advertize, you can still upgrade to Upscale. Buy the unbranded, switch team, and people will again know that in addition to having great taste in shirt design, you are also an Upscale baller.
  • For us: We get dollaz, thanks.

See? Everyone wins.

Anyway, expect Lowballs to begin rolling out soon at the new prices.


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