Beaver Deceiver

Beaver Deceiver

Do you remember that old tale they told,
about the beaver and the Old Man’s oak tree?
Where the cross Old Man asked the beaver to remove the ol’ Oak in his backyard.

The old man gets the bill, it’s like $900—wayyyyyyy over the estimate. I didn’t ask for this. OK, fine, destumping I asked for that, but the tire rotation, the embossed fleurs-de-lis, these ivory accents, the boob job, the cityscape—an entire city? Are you kidding me?!

“But it has a sunroof, now. It looks really nice,” said the beaver.
“I didn’t ask for a sunroof. I just asked for my tree cut down.”
“And destumped.”
“Right, and destumped.”

I forget what the moral is, but the boobs look nice here.

(You can still get it for $29.)
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