Request for Puns Announcement

Puns. Riddles. Good designs start with clever things like these. Best are things that seem at first glance dissonant or downright weird, but are folded up so that upon further inspection they reveal a kind of deep sense, from fuzzy and hazy mental associations that you can’t quite root out.

You look at it, and you know there’s something but can’t be sure to say what. That’s what meaning means. That’s how thinking starts, before we solidify our associations. But the start of a thought is always something new and beautiful–and the feeling is always like the feeling of when you first get a pun or a joke—isn’t it?

Let’s create that, and let’s wear it.

So, please, submit to me your favorite pun or a riddle, something that means something or that means many things or that means everything. Maybe it will turn into a design.

Here’s the submission page.


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