Once Greater Than Rome

Once Greater than Rome, The Ruins of Detroit Are Still Quite Beautiful

Once greater than
Ever was,
The ruins of
Are still quite beautiful.

Hic, speramus meliora.


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One Response to Once Greater Than Rome

  1. Upscale says:

    This design is a tribute to the defiant grittiness of The Motor City, The Renaissance City, The Arsenal of Democracy. Some people see Detroit, and sigh that it has seen better days. Or, more likely, they never venture there, but say awful things sight (and site) unseen.

    Image problem.

    Yes, it’s a city that has seen better times, sure, but there’s something still impressive about that, something beautiful, undaunted, and tirelessly tenacious. Nothing sums that up better, so perfectly and so completely, than the monument to Joe Louis downtown. It’s a giant fist.

    A giant fist.

    And that’s why the Rome comparison has always seemed appropriate to me. You have literally a fallen empire—it was once the most powerful force of economy and progress in the world. Detroit. The word used to inspire and make minds move. It meant all of America, once.

    Detroit, Rock City, keep your head up. Resurget Cineribus.

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