Appreciation Bonus

September 1st is the first Appreciation Day for Upscale tees. To celebrate, we’re going to add a bonus to our early vintage designs.

That is—we’re new, and not enough people know about what we’re doing yet. So rather than raising our prices immediately, we’re going to implement a grace period. Designs will still appreciate in the background, but will be sold at the $85 “shadow price,” until the appreciated price kicks in.

So, until January 1st, you can continue to buy Upscale August, September, October, November, and December vintages at the $85 price–but once January hits, they will resume the proper appreciated prices of $135, $125, $115, $105, $95 respectively—right where they should have been—giving you more time to buy low and wear high. This is our way of saying “thank you” to our current fans, and “hello” to everyone new.

Also, if you already bought an early edition Upscale design this month, and were expecting to show off a shiny $95 shirt in September, for every design you bought, we’ll send you another of your choice for free—from August or September. That way, come January, you’ll get double the appreciation.

So, enjoy the bonus, and thanks again.


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